16 February 2006

Thank You!

Thank you Secret Pal who is from Georgia and is not enjoying the 50º on Wednesday to 19º on Thursday temperature change we've been cursing up here. I have to admit I've been remiss in properly thanking my SP, but my back is better, I'm caught up on most of my work and most importantly, I have batteries for my camera (expect more pics soon).

My lovely and talented (I know I've never seen him/her but what do you care? Stop being so nit-picky.) SP sent me 2 skeins of Sockotta, cotton/wool blend sock yarn) and some Gevalia hazelnut coffee. I'm usually a straight joe drinker, no flavors, but this coffee is damn good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you SP, for the great gifts and for being so patient while I recovered.