03 October 2005


So sad, I've been getting random computer freezes and kernel panics over the past week or so. It took me a long time to figure out exactly what was wrong because I can't find my Tiger DVD and can't use disk utility from the Panther CD. I could however use hardware test and got the following error message when it was scanning mass storage:
2STF / 8 / 3: S-ATA BUS 0-Master
What's that mean? It means I need a new hard drive!

I still believe in the reliability of the Mac but having to replace the hard drive and the power supply in a machine that is less that a year old is testing my faith. Hopefully I'll be able to get it down to Small Dog today I'll probably end up buying another copy of Tiger as well, not terrible since I get the educational discount but not great either.

UPDATE: I talked Small Dog and they can do the repair but not for a week or so. I should be OK, as long as I keep my computer on, don't let the hard drive sleep and turn hiding and magnification off on the dock I can avoid most of the problems...hopefully.