02 June 2005

I Should Be Working

So I’ve become totally enamored of podcasting. I’d poked around in the podcast universe a bit but didn’t really put much effort into finding casts I was interested until Bill and company started doing the Friday Coffeeblog at Radio Bean.

You can find anything and everything in podcast format. I recently found an unofficial tour/walking guide for the MOMA done by Art Mobs. While it’s best to actually be at the museum while listening, it’s still fun to listen to when you’re in VT or wherever you hang your hat. It makes me miss NYC, maybe it’s time for a summer road trip.I also found a flash back in the form of a podcast. I remember my good ol’ nerd insomniac days, listening in to Art Bell talk about aliens, remote viewing and chupacabra. Well now the show is hosted by George Noory and is available via podcast so I can take my ass to bed at a decent hour.Note to self: try not to be so link happy, it’s annoying.