06 October 2005

Remember When?

The featured article at Wikipedia today is all about the Commodore 64! It makes me nostalgic and reminds me how happy I was when we got rid of our old TRS-80 and switched to the C64. The C64 seemed so modern and exciting, now it looks like something from the stone age. I look at my current computer and am so happy I don't have to write anything in BASIC! And don't even get me started about the upgrade to the Amiga, I actually composed music and played it for my class in middle school! *shame* Ironically my dad always had a Mac for work but we had PCs at home. The first Mac he had blew me away with the GUI - so much better than the C64 we had at the time. Damn, I might be a little more of a nerd than I thought, waxing reminiscent about old hardware. I'm going back to work.